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Daily Tasks

  • Reads catering tickets 

  • Makes a task list based on tickets 

  • Prioritizes task based on ticket ready times

  • Cooks daily catering orders

  • Organizes cooked food in portable hot boxes

  • Reviews tickets to ensure order is complete

  • Delivers and sets up catering orders

  • Engages with customers upon delivery

  • Preps food for future orders

  • Cleans kitchen, equipment, etc.

Other Tasks

  • Collaborates on menu ideas

  • Creates new recipes

  • Coordinates and serves special catering events

  • Cooks & serves food on a food truck

Job Requirements

  • Ability to work quickly and efficiently

  • Works well with others as part of a team

  • Customer-focused

  • Willingness to learn & grow

  • Has a great work ethic and is a self-starter

  • Understands how to successfully follow written recipes 

  • Exhibits great personal hygiene 

  • Basic knowledge of food safety and preparation 

  • Has a valid driver’s license & reliable transportation

Schedule / Hours

Employees must be available to work when we receive catering orders.  Most of our orders are Monday through Friday and will be finished by 2:00; however, there are exceptions.  

  • Weekdays - Generally, employees will work Monday-Friday 6:00-2:00.  Occasionally employees will have to get to work earlier and/or stay later.  

  • Weeknights - Employees may have to work a weeknight.  It is rare.  

  • Weekends - Employees will rotate being “on call” every other weekend.  When it is your weekend to work, you must be available the entire weekend and any time.  

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